The work we love to do...

Custom Website Design and Programming for "YOU"
You are unique! Your messaging and brand is unique. Your needs are your own. The backstory of "YOU" is intrinsically tied to your brand, your logo, your messaging, your social media and your website.

Our web development process meshes the design interface and programming, "the front end UX/UI" process with a robust SQL based CGI/API platform to provide depth, data-scalability and programming horsepower. On the front end we develop "responsive" scalable site design using CSS, HTML-5+, Bootstrap and JQuery programming. This works for positioning, fonts, menus, forms, display of all types of data like images, sliders and galleries and delivers consistency and browser compliance and scalability..

On the backend we typically pair MYSQL or SQL Server with LUCEE, a Coldfusion/ open source CFML markup language. This allow us to run queries, loops, lookups and output, and gives you the power to have ecommerce or transactional pages to do unlimited things on your site. We custom code the design and programming--we will never rely on wordpress or drupal templates here. All sites are optimized for SEO performance. Custom designed, hand-crafted and built for you by Surf City Design.

Corporate Identity, Brand Design and Collateral Print & Digital
Whether a startup or a legacy, we'll develop a visual brand identity that resonates with your target audience, and achieves your positioning goals. We cover both B2C and B2C communications projects, and can develop packaging, social media, billboards, tradeshows, collateral print material, email content marketing, and much more. The "much more" includes book and magazine design, point-of-sales collateral and advertising and marketing proposals and interview material.

Branding and Design
As a full-service branding and design company, we help you bring your ideas to life. We offer a complete range of creative services that engage and inspire at every touch point. This includes tagline creation, campaign themes and marketing initiatives. To set a standard, you have to innovate. We'll help you do just that and, together, we'll create your new brand!

eCommerce Email Marketing
Every web project is designed to achieve organic SEO optimization. Sometime however an ecommerce or service-based site needs a jumpstart to move their brand to the top of search engine results. We have extensive PPC and Adwords Campaign experience to tie your landing pages to desktop and mobile advertisement. We can prepare and explain the analytics and tracking to you, and also pair this work with our stat-server reports that breakdown hundreds of important inbound lead generation questions, including keyword and backlinking referrers, and identification of buyers , as wells as tracking users. The systems we use are great for just campaigns, but are also a natural fit for fast-paced eCommerce brands. You can track individuals throughout their shopping history and match the message to the person at the exact moment they are ready to buy. We also do all of the design, logic, API connections, and editorial writing to super-charge your emails.